I really love photography. It has been a lifelong love and I feel like I get more and more excited about it every day. The thing that I love about portrait photography is this: I think that we are all pretty hard on ourselves, but portrait photography gives me the opportunity to show you what everyone else sees - the smile that is so unique to you, the way you look at someone you love that makes them melt inside or gives them incredible courage to go out into the world each day - the kindness, the beauty, the strength . . . all of the things that make you, you. All of the things that make your family, family. I want the chance to give you photos that you love and can't stop looking at, whether they make you smile, or laugh, or cry.

I hope it is clear in all that we do and in the images that you see on the website, the Facebook page, or the blog - A.Lorae Photography is happy to capture moments for all people, couples, and families! Unfortunately, I think it still needs to be explicitly said for LGBTQ folks who might be worried about contacting vendors: we're a safe vendor to call about your engagement, wedding, or family photos and would love to talk with you!

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